As one of Houston’s most respected health insurance brokerages, Strategic Benefit Solutions, SBS, has proudly managed hundreds of clients over the course of 25 years.

Our accomplishments are the consequence of forming long-term relationships and consistently providing knowledgeable and professional services that achieve goals for our customers. Our employee benefit and financial services team remains committed to our community, businesses and clients.

Our unique footprint in Houston is a combination of working with clients of various size and industry, both privately owned and global enterprises; helping them through start-up phases to multiple acquisitions, all the while controlling escalating costs without losing sight of the human aspect of employee benefits.

Unlike many brokerages who place corporate agendas before yours, our only agenda is understanding your goals to define and implement solutions that achieve the desired results. In addition to balancing budget concern, we help you define what is needed to tailor solutions that will strengthen your organization cost-effectively.

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texas blue bonnets


We want to help businesses realize that the critical decision linking employee benefits success versus mediocre results is selecting the right partner as your consulting broker.

It’s safe to say the bare minimum one should ask of their consultant to ensure they are being adequately represented is the following: How much experience does your broker have and what are the most difficult situations they have handled? What is their relationship with carrier markets? Are they regularly reviewing your plan performance, explaining new trends, ensuring your program compliance and supporting your HR department? Do they understand your business, your employees, your budget and your objectives? What is their real value and how much are you paying for their services? Are they a partner or just your broker? Strategic Benefit Solutions is all that and more, and we would like to be part of your success.

Products Offered

Strategic Benefit Solutions provides comprehensive employer benefits consulting and advising to privately and publicly traded companies across the country. Our approach is customized to the culture of each company to ensure they are receiving a truly tailored benefits program.

Benefits that we assist with include:

  • Major Medical Insurance Plans
  • Group Life
  • Disability Income
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Qualified & Non-Qualified Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan In addition to assisting, you with your group benefit needs, our team will also be able to provide solutions to:
  • Commercial Insurance such as a Business Owners, Workers Compensation, Business Life solutions, and Professional Liability insurance.
  • Personal Insurance – Life, Home, Auto, and Umbrella.
  • Network of Payroll, ASO, PEO providers.
  • Comprehensive wealth management solutions for individuals and 401k advisory services for businesses through Strategic Benefits Solutions.