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Employee Benefit Programs are intended to offer more than major medical. Today’s employers offer a comprehensive array of valuable resources and programs that benefit a diverse workforce, strive to maintain a wellness environment and control costs


Prescription costs (Rx) continue to average between 15% – 20% of your group’s overall medical expenses, and as your consultants, we continually monitor and manage this area.

PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) are recognized for their ability to create savings through providing clinical utilization management programs, offering more-affordable pharmacy channels, negotiating discounts with drug manufacturers and retail drugstores, and encouraging the use of low-cost generics and affordable brands. In today’s marketplace, the increased drug costs, and utilization of expensive specialty medications are creating an even greater need for the comprehensive services offered exclusively by PBMs.

Strategic Benefit Solutions is always evaluating the prescription use of your group, and the PBM program in place with your benefits program to ensure you are receiving the maximum discounts for the most commonly-used drugs your employees and plan participants are using.


You’re sick, and the last thing you want to do is wait to see the doctor. 70% of all doctor visits and prescriptions can be managed over the phone.

Technology has revolutionized the onset of innovative advancements in the medical field and has made telemedicine a game-changing way to serve people without unnecessary office visits for common illnesses and treatment. Approximately 70 percent of illnesses can be taken care of with the help of telemedicine.   A trained Physician can diagnose and treat minor problems such as pharyngitis, sinusitis and upper respiratory illnesses either over the telephone or with the help of video chat.

Telemedicine saves time and offers time-efficient solutions. It reduces costs significantly, and the most important aspect of telemedicine is its ability to cater to the needs of the patients from any place at any given time. Telemedicine helps to formulate an efficient and reliable healthcare plan.


Second opinions are not new, but many new programs are very innovative

Advanced and specialized service connects patients with experts in virtually all fields of medicine to provide consultations and second opinions for chronic and acute conditions and surgical procedures.

A Second Opinion Program works with local experts that document your medical information and stay with you through the transition process to make sure your information is accurately obtained and transferred to an appropriate physician.

How it Works: Once you provide information about your medical problem a trained consultant recommends doctors that fit your case. Once you’ve selected the doctor you feel most comfortable with, the service schedules the consultation and arranges for the transfer of the appropriate medical transcripts and records, plus any testing to be sent to your consulting physician. The HIPAA-compliant process ensures your files remain confidential while moving from one doctor’s office to another.

You can accept your consultation in person, by phone or video conference. The service recommends experts in your local area who take your insurance. It is yet another layer of care that provides you with additional resources before seeking costly and invasive treatment.