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The fight against health care inflation and constantly rising health insurance costs requires an aggressive strategy along with a relentless focus on finding and managing carriers, vendors, and products to meet your needs. Our philosophy is simple. We build your benefits strategy around your culture and goals.

Strategic Benefit Solutions’ philosophy is to align our clients with custom solutions that meet your operational, philosophical and financial needs. That means no matter what piece of the benefits puzzle requires attention; our consultants will address it for you.

Our firm will design an employee benefits strategic plan with emphasis on service, managing cost, and keeping your company compliant, by adhering to the Strategic Benefit Solutions Planning Process Continuum.


Assess your overall programs, understand your business and HR objectives, get to know your HR personnel and administrative capabilities so we can adequately align programs with your resources, recruitment and retention strategy, and budget goals.


Evaluate and select the best-in-class partnerships to customize comprehensive and balanced health, wellness, and financial options that meet your company’s needs. Implementation timelines are established once programs are identified.


Our recommendation of carrier and vendor partners are subject to established, successful and agnostic practices with in their respective areas of care. We thoroughly communicate each aspect of your company benefit offerings to appropriately match and enroll participants in programs that deliver the outcomes and objectives that were originally defined.


Emphasis is placed on all aspects of the benefit goals; network access, high quality, value-added programs with high quality service delivery. Employee engagement is achieved through face-to-face meetings, technology interface, cost-effectiveness, and year-round service.


Constant evaluation of our clients’ programs continues throughout the year. Monitoring claim data and pharmacy usage, keeping abreast of regulatory and legislative requirements, analyzing trends, conducting vendor performance audits, interviewing new providers in the market, and keeping clients well informed are our standard operating procedures.